Title: “CORAZONES”    

Type of papr: Rives BFK

Edition Description: Edition Varié (EV)   Digital from collograph/monoprint

Print orientation: Vertical

Paper size:  23" x 17"

Paper:  archival

Ink:  archival

Location of Signature: bottom right    

Location of Number:  bottom left    

Location of Title:  bottom center    

Date:  2013

Edition size: 50

Print History:  in progress

Measurements allow for number, title and signature.

This print is editioned from a unique collograph original that is part of a set of five related collographs, hand printed on German Etching Paper by the artist in Berkeley, California. 

Special Pricing Ends on March 1, 2018.

Copyright © 2013 Kathryn Cirincione-Coles. All rights reserved.


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